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Welcome to Brass Components India, Brass Copper Fittings and Components - The largest Manufacturer and Exporter of the flowing products :

• Brass Plumbing Fittings • Brass Pipe Fittings • Brass Bolts
• Brass Sanitary Fittings • Brass Nuts and Bolts • Brass Nuts
• Electrical Brass Components • Cable Glands • Screws Fasteners
• Brass Moulding Inserts • Brass Lock Nuts • Neutral Links
• Earth Terminal Blocks Bars • Copper Earth Rods • Grounding Accessories
• Split Bolts Line Taps • Saddles Earth Bars • DC Tapes Clips
• Sqaure Earthing Clamps • Brass Cable Glands • Brass Hose Nipples
• Tube Compression Fittings • Pressed Parts Components  

We are engaged in manufacturing of competitive Brass Copper Gun metal Bronze fittings and components for past 27 years. Our in-house Brass foundry in Jamnagar coupled with inexpensive but skilled Indian labour has helped us to offer most competitive prices for Brass fittings turned parts and components. This has helped us to achieve 50% cumulative growth since last 5 years. Our speciality is in products like Brass hose nipples, hose barbs, plugs, bushes, sockets, nuts, couplers, compression fittings, hose couplings, pipe clamps hose nipples barbs fittings elbows tees DC clips tape clips square saddles hospital clamps munsen rings brackets elbows, tees, flare fittings, olives, extensions, chrome plated accessories.

Professional engineering expertise combined with yearn for specialization offers cost effective solutions to the exacting needs of our customers. Brass Copper Fittings and Components products are being exported and are accepted in quality conscious markets like UK, USA, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and France.

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