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Brass Nuts Brass Screws  Brass Fasteners Brass Hose Fittings
Brass Hose Couplings Brass  Hose Barbs  Brass Tube Fittings Brass Compression Fittings
fasteners copper cable lugs conduit fittings

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Brass  Sanitary Fittings

Brass Plumbing Fittings    

Brass Chrome plated Pipe  Fittings Brass Plumbing Fittings

Brass  Hex Hose Nipples Hose  Tails Male hose Barbs

Brass Nickel plated  Hose Tails Brass  Nipples for Flexible Braided hoses

Brass 60* Coned Tails, Nipples with Nuts

Brass Repairers/Menders/Jointers

Brass Lugged hose Tails ,Hose Nipples Lugged Nuts for Fire Hoses.

Brass 90* and 45* Hose Barbs Hose Nipples

Brass Compression Fittings

Brass Flare Fittings Inverted Flare Fittings 

Brass Olives and Compression Olives  Sleeves

Brass Bulk Head Connectors 

Brass Hose Fittings Hydraulic Fittings  Pneumatic Fittings

Bronze Copper Gun metal Castings Cast components  casting parts

Electrical Accessories

Stainless Steel   Fittings Stainless Steel  Components and parts

Brass Cable Glands and Cable Accessories

Brass Conduit Fittings and connectors for flexible conduits

Brass Fasteners Bolts Nuts Screws Anchors

Brass Split Bolts Line taps Cable Connectors

Brass Neutral Links Terminal BlockAccessories

Copper cable Lugs Terminals

Copper Bonded Grounding Earth rods and Earthing 

Brass Copper Bronze Earth Clamp EC14 type

Brass Moulding inserts

Brass Copper Stainless Steel washers pressings Pressed parts

Brass Battery terminals Connectors

Brass Anchors Pool cover Stainless Springs and hardware

Brass Anchor Fasteners

Brass Fittings

Brass Components

Brass Turned Parts

Brass Precision Components

Brass Casting

Bronze Casting

Copper Casting

Bronze Fittings Copper Fittings

Bronze Parts Copper Parts

Brass India Manufacturers

Indian Brass Parts Manufacturers

Brass Fasteners

Brass Nuts   

Brass Screws

Brass Bolts

Brass Moulding Inserts

Brass Inserts and Fittings for PPR Fittings CPVC UPVC Fittings

Brass Tank Connectors Water Tank Fittings

DIN 934 Nuts

Brass Washers Plain Washers

Brass Pressings Pressed Parts

Brass Copper Sheet Metal Components

Brass Lamp Parts Lamp Components

Brass Pipe Fittings

Brass flare fittings india



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